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Dr. Krause is very professional, fair, and an all around nice guy who is very experienced in solving all types of problems. I've spoken to many psychologists/professionals over the years, living in different places, and he really ranks among the very best.

I strongly recommend talking to him!

-Tony M.
One of the BEST things I've done for myself in years is call for an appointment with Dr. Stuart Krause. I dreaded having to go in and lay out everything to someone new. However, Stuart is incredibly warm, welcoming, gentle, friendly, nonjudgmental, charismatic, professional, compassionate and kind, yet very direct, incredibly intelligent and perceptive AND has an incredibly keen, intuitive sense of exactly what I'm trying to communicate. It's difficult to articulate ALL the positive qualities of this amazing doctor. I'm able to be completely, 100% transparent with him and never have I felt intimidated or judged or critiqued, He is completely compassionate, sincere, patient, genuine. If you are fearful or hesitant AT ALL about scheduling an appointment with a counselor, DO NOT hesitate or delay in calling this guy. You will have such RELIEF and peace once you've spoken to him!!!!!! He is validating, encouraging, helpful, SMART, and WITTY !!!!! Seriously the best investment in my week is an hour in Stuart's office. Just today, I was talking on the phone with my big sister and she said, 'Well what did he say that was so helpful?' and I said, 'I don't know exactly what it was, we talked about so many things! I just know that after my appointment, I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!'

-PJ B.